Life in the Middle

Just have Faith †

My Poetry Thing

on November 4, 2015


This is Faith. 🙂 In my last post, I wrote that I loved to write poetry. I have a love for writing and poetry comes easily to me. I am going to share my very first poem with you…

Winter’s Here!

Snowflakes drifting down to stay, so that we can play all day. In we go out of the snow, snow pants dripping from the wet, “Wait outside, don’t come in yet! Or your boots will make a mess! Then hot chocolate is a yes.” Snow stuff hanging up to dry, snow forts, snowmen, making shadows as the sun sets from the sky. Then Dad comes home from work to say, “Tell me a little about your day.” Excited shouts and pushing through, to tell him what we love to do!   

I hope you liked my very first poem. 🙂 I will also share one about Life in the Middle with you…

Life in the Middle

Middle child, middle school, not too cute, and not too cool. (Some just take me for a fool.) Pre-teen, tween? Not a kid, not a teen. You’re too old to make a scene. You’re too young to make the team. You are just an in-between. But, it isn’t all that bad to be, someone who is just like me. You are not the guinea pig child. And you are not too very wild. Now that I think about this matter, I wouldn’t rather have the latter, in fact, I think I like it now, the way God made me anyhow. 🙂 

I hope you liked my poems. Any questions?

Faith ❤


3 responses to “My Poetry Thing

  1. I love writing poems and if you do too then that is awesome! I know sometimes you can get stumped and that can get frustrating and annoying so here’s my advice:
    Don’t give up!!! You can click on this link and there will be a rhyming dictionary, Good luck on your poetry writing!!!
    Faith ❤


  2. In case you don’t know, a guinea pig child is the kid who is usually the eldest and everything is tried out on them first. They go through everything before the younger kids do and sometimes it’s a lot harder for them then it is for the younger kids.
    Faith ❤


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