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Finding Courage to Face the Lions’ Den

on May 26, 2016

Sometimes it’s hard to find the courage to stand up for what is right and face the lions’ den but here is a true story of a man who was able to find the courage to literally face the lions’ den. It all starts in the book of Daniel……

There was a man named Daniel whom King Darius loved and appointed a leader over some men who also worked for King Darius. Now, these men were jealous and they wished to do away with Daniel so they waited for an opportunity to find fault with Daniel so that the King would have no choice but to punish Daniel.

The men tried and tried to find fault with Daniel but they could not. Now, the men knew that Daniel would go into his house every day, open the windows and pray to God. The men had an idea. They went to the King and suggested a new law in which no one could pray or worship anyone or anything but King Darius otherwise there would be a severe punishment. King Darius agreed and sealed the law with his royal seal.

When Daniel heard the law he went into his house, opened his windows, and prayed to God. The men discovered Daniel praying and immediately told the King. The King loved Daniel and did not want to punish him but he had to. Daniel was thrown into a lions’ den. The King did not want to hurt Daniel but he sealed the den with his royal seal.

Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den and he prayed. God sent an angel to protect Daniel and God shut the lions’ mouths.

The next morning the King went to the lions’ den and was overjoyed at what he discovered; Daniel was alive and unharmed in the lions’ den! Then King Darius knew that the God that Daniel had spoken of was real and he believed!


There will be those times when people will try to get you to do something that you know is wrong (like when the King tried to make people worship him and only him when Daniel knew that it was wrong). Listen to this story and remember to do what’s right even when there seems to be nothing wrong with doing something wrong. Do what’s right.

I hope that you liked this story and I encourage you to do what’s right.






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